A Smokin’ E-marketing Session at the Burren Smokehouse

A Smokin’ E-marketing Session at the Burren Smokehouse
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Sunny Friday afternoons are few and far between in the West of Ireland. Even though I love my work, I wasn’t overly chuffed at the idea of spending one cooped up indoors helping a business improve the return on its investment in email marketing, even if that business produces one of my favourite foods: smoked salmon. As I drove through the beauty of the Burren’s limestone landscape there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and I was feeling a little bit cheated by the universe. But not for long…

The Burren Smokehouse is a stand-out premium food brand in a country with its fair share of premium food brands. Now I know why: a best-in-class product produced by best-in-class people. I forgot all about missing the sunshine outside thanks to Karin Funke and Birgitta Hedin-Curtin’s sunny dispositions, professional expertise and eagerness to learn… Karin, originally from Bremen in Germany, and Birgitta, originally from Sweden, are the Marketing Manager and Owner & Producer respectively of the Smokehouse. They, and their staff, make a formidable team which more than helped to make this an extremely pleasant and productive engagement.

Karin, Birgitta and I engaged in an analysis of and recommendations for, the twice monthly newsletter. We also discussed other elements of the business such as branding, PR, social media, mobile marketing and website optimisation. We covered a lot of ground, and I was struck by how much these people knew about their business and their customers, and most of all by their passion for continuous improvement. A lesson in how to get to the top and stay there!

My employers for the day were delighted with my suggestions for how to encourage more online sales from an existing email programme that was highly successful in regards to open and click-through rates. Their employee went back to Galway unconcerned about the weather – all I could think about was getting to feast on the extremely generous parting gift of Irish Smoked Irish Organic Salmon (as in the salmon is both bred AND smoked in Ireland), mackerel and trout! And wow, ‘Hot smoked’ Salmon… I had no idea smoked fish could taste that good… Heavenly! Thank you Birgitta and Karin, and see you next time!

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